Corporate Online Payment - Authorized Banking Officer (ABO) Designation

You must designate an ABO to participate in the Program. Your ABO is the only individual who can update your company’s bank account information online and authorize others to pay online. The ABO’s rights and responsibilities are described in the terms and conditions.
Designate your Company’s ABO below by providing the requested information.










Your ABO can authorize individuals, including him/herself, to make online payments on the Company’s behalf. You can choose not to authorize the ABO to pay online in order to maintain segregation of duties between the individual authorizing payment (ABO) and the individual paying online (Authorized Payor).

Do you want to give the ABO the ability to make online payments at this time?

Temporary Verification Word and PIN for ABO’s First Login

Create a temporary verification word and PIN below. Your ABO will be prompted for a verification word and PIN and will be required to create a permanent password upon his/her first login.


This information is required when your ABO creates a new American Express @ Work ID. Please print this page and/or record in a safe place. The ABO will need to provide the word and PIN along with an Access Code which will be emailed to your ABO within 3-5 business days.

Corporate Program Information

I'm New to American Express

Please check the box only if you are waiting for your American Express Corporate Card, American Express Corporate Purchasing Card or American Express vPayment account to be set up.

To pay American Express Corporate Card accounts online provide the Master Control Account or one Basic Control Account from your American Express Corporate Card program.


To pay your American Express Corporate Purchasing Cards and/or American Express vPayment accounts online, list the Remittance Control Account Number (RCA) that appears on your monthly billing statement(s).
To list more RCAs, please call 1-866-568-0308 after your ABO receives a confirmation e-mail. Please provide the following information.



By clicking on I AGREE TO TERMS and submitting this enrollment form, you confirm to us:

  • You unconditionally agree to the Terms,
  • You have all necessary corporate authority to agree to the Terms and designate an ABO as provided herein, and
  • the person you designate as ABO, currently has or will have, before acting in such capacity, all necessary corporate authority to be so designated and, from the date designated until revocation of such designation by you, act as Your Company's "Authorized Banking Officer" as that position is described herein.
  • You confirm that you would like American Express to grant Corporate Online Payment permissions to Your designated “Authorized Banking Officer” and you have their expressed consent and permission to provide American Express with their name and business email address in order to activate their respective Corporate Online Payment Capabilities.
These Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) govern you and your company’s (collectively “You” and “Your”) participation in and use of the American Express Corporate Online Payment Program (“Program”). In addition to these Terms, Your use of this Program is subject to and governed by all other applicable terms delivered with same or posted on the Program website (“Site”).

Authority. By enrolling and/or participating in the Program, You, individually and on behalf of Your company, are authorizing Amex Bank of Canada (“American Express”, “We”, “Our” and/or “Us”) to pay, as directed by You and the personnel You authorize pursuant to the Terms herein, Your American Express Corporate Card account, your Corporate Purchasing account and/or American Express vPayment account (Your “Amex Account”) bills online in the amounts and upon the timing You specify from the bank/financial institution account You designate (“Designated Account”). You represent and warrant that the Designated Account is a chequing account established and used primarily for business purposes.

ABO Designation. You must designate an Authorized Banking Officer (“ABO”) to participate in the Program. Your ABO is the only person with the authority to set up, access, modify, and delete information about the financial institution account that Your Company uses for this Program. Your ABO can also authorize others (each as “Authorized Payor”) to make online payments for Your Company. You may de-authorize an ABO at anytime by completing a new enrollment form and designating a new ABO.

We reserve the right to request further documentation verifying same, from You or Your Company and/or the right to reject Your designation of an ABO or Your Company’s participation in the Program at anytime, for any reason. You agree to cooperate in Our efforts related to same.

ABO Rights & Responsibilities. You represent Your ABO is authorized to act on behalf of Your Company regarding matters related to Your Company's banking and financial institutions and the respective accounts to which Your Company maintains with said institutions. Your ABO’s authority to act as such will begin within 3 - 5 business days of receipt and acceptance of the fully executed version of this document and will end when You or American Express revokes it. Your ABO and Your Company are solely responsible for promptly notifying American Express if Your ABO’s authorization has been revoked, suspended or otherwise terminated (unless American Express itself issues the revocation).

Authorized Payors. Your ABO is responsible for designating Your Authorized Payors. Your Authorized Payor should be the person primarily responsible for payment of the applicable Amex Accounts. Your ABO can revoke said designation at anytime in his/her sole discretion. Authorized Payors make payments and perform related tasks (i.e. scheduling payments and viewing payment history) on Your Company's behalf for Amex Accounts of which the Authorized Payor is assigned such rights by the ABO. Scheduled or pending payments initiated by the Authorized Payor will not be completed if the Authorized Payor’s access has been removed. Your ABO may designate up to 3 such Authorized Payors online after obtaining the consent and permission of each Authorized Payor to provide American Express with the Authorized Payor’s name and business email address in order to activate their respective Corporate Online Payment capabilities. The ABO may designate her/himself as an Authorized Payor.

Conflicting Instructions. In the event there is any conflict between instructions received from an Authorized Payor and Your ABO, Your ABO’s instructions will take priority to the extent We are aware of both sets of instructions.

Responsibility for ABO and Authorized Payor Actions. Your Company is solely responsible for the actions taken by Your designated ABO and the Authorized Payors and therefore agree Your Company will forever hold American Express harmless and not liable for any debit or fraud losses arising from actions taken by Your ABO or the Authorized Payors Your ABO designates.

Revocation of Authority. You are solely responsible for timely notifying American Express of any revocation, suspension or termination of Your ABO’s or Authorized Payor(s) authorized status and acknowledge failure to do so may adversely impact Your Company's ability to make payments online and possibly cause Your Company to incur delinquency assessments or other claims.

Payments. You, through Your Authorized Payor(s), are responsible for scheduling the timing and amount of all payments made through the Program. Unless You notify American Express to stop or adjust the amount of a scheduled payment, in accordance with the procedures set forth below, American Express is authorized to debit the funds from the Designated Account in the amount You specify. You are also solely responsible for the timely repayment of Your Amex Account. You must ensure there are sufficient funds in the Designated Account on the specified scheduled payment date. If payments scheduled, made or attempted to be made through this Program do not satisfy Your Company's total monthly amount due, for any reason, Your Company and/or Your cardmembers (as applicable) will remain solely responsible for remitting additional payments before the total monthly amount due is due, to fully satisfy Your and/or Your cardmembers’ contractual obligations for timely payment. You understand that Your Designated Account will be debited on the next banking day following the date the payment was submitted or scheduled to execute.

If any payment is not honored and returned by Your bank for insufficient funds, We have the right to charge the amount of any such transaction to the Designated Account or to collect the amount from You. If this happens, We may also cancel Your right to participate in the Program.

Stopping or Adjusting Scheduled Payments. If You want to stop a scheduled payment or make an adjustment to the amount of the scheduled payment, Your Authorized Payors can do so on the Site’s “Scheduled Payments” page. Scheduled payments can be cancelled or modified until 10PM MST on the scheduled payment date.

Unauthorized Transactions, Prompt Reporting Obligations. In case of errors or in the event You believe someone using this Program has transferred or may transfer money from Your Designated Account without Your permission call us immediately at 1-866-568-0308 during business hours.

Liability for Failure to Transact Scheduled Payment. If a transaction is not completed as You have directed or if We do not complete a transfer to or from Your Designated Account on time in the correct amount, We will be liable for Your losses or damages. However, there are some exceptions. We will not be liable to You in the following instances: (1) If, through no fault of ours, the Designated Account does not contain enough money to complete the transaction; (2) If the funds in the Designed Account are subject to legal process or other encumbrance restricting the transaction; or (3) If circumstances beyond Our reasonable control prevent the transaction.

Regulatory Waiting Period for Bank Account Changes. Canadian banking regulations require a waiting period before American Express can debit a newly-provided bank account. Therefore, We will not initiate online payments from a Designated Account during the first two days after an ABO adds or modifies bank account information online.

No Authorized Payor or ABO will be able to submit immediate payments until two business days after the new bank account information was provided. For example, if banking information was submitted on Monday, May 3, Authorized Payors (and ABO who have the ability to pay online) will be able to submit immediate payments starting Wednesday, May 5. Payments submitted after the waiting period will be withdrawn from the new bank account.

Authorized Payors (and ABO who have the ability to pay online) will be able to schedule future payments with a payment date after the waiting period. For example, if banking information was submitted on Monday, May 3, on May 3 Authorized Payers will be unable to schedule a payment to execute on May 4, but will be able to schedule payments for execution on or after Tuesday, May 5. All such payments will be withdrawn from the new bank account.

In Case of Errors. If You believe a transaction was performed in error, please call American Express as soon as possible following the date of the error at 1-866-568-0308.

Termination. Your ABO may terminate Your Company’s participation in the Program by clicking the “Cancel Program” button located on the Corporate Online Payments Enrollment page or by calling American Express at 1-866-568-0308 to request the deletion of financial institution information and all Authorized Payors. No such requests will in anyway delay, lessen or otherwise change Your outstanding payment obligations to American Express. All requests must be made at least three (3) days prior to all scheduled payments. If You wish to use the Program again, You will be required to re-enroll. We reserve the right to terminate, suspend or otherwise revoke the Program and/or Your right to participate in the Program at anytime for any reason.

Closing Amex Accounts. If Your Amex Account is closed, You agree to notify us and will stop initiating Program transactions. In the event Your Account is closed/cancelled and a balance remains on Your Amex Account, We will process all scheduled payments as directed by You.

Designated Accounts. You are solely responsible for keeping Your Designated Account information up-to-date and notifying us of any update or change in said information.

Entire Agreement, Assignment. This Agreement terminates and takes the place of all prior agreements You may have with us relating to the Program Amex Account. We have the right to assign this Agreement to a subsidiary or affiliate at any time.

Business Days. For purposes of the Program, business days are Monday through Friday. Bank holidays are not included. If the scheduled payment date is on a weekend or bank holiday, the payment will be made on the next business day.

Contact Us. If for any reason You wish to contact us about the Program, about Your participation in the Program or about transactions related to the Program, write or call us at 1-866-568-0308.