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Enrollment Form

Thank you for your interest in the American Express Corporate Online Payment program ("Program").  Participating in this Program will enable your Company to pay its American Express Corporate and Purchasing bills online through American Express @ Work®. Please contact American Express at (888) 888-9634 for help with this form or the enrollment process.

Please complete Steps 1-4 in order to enroll in Corporate Online Payments

The Authorized Banking Officer ("ABO") whom you designate below will receive a confirmation email from American Express at the email address provided within 5-7 business days. The ABO can then log in to American Express @ Work and click the Manage Enrollment link to enter bank account information, authorize others to pay online, and (if requested below) pay online.

IMPORTANT: If the ABO is also enrolling in American Express @ Work® as a Program Administrator, he/she will receive two welcome emails (one as an ABO and one as a Program Administrator). Each email is needed to independently activate and complete the separate enrollment processes as an ABO and as a Program Administrator. 

Step 1: Authorized Banking Officer (ABO) Designation

You must designate an ABO to parcipate in the program.  Your ABO is the only individual who can update your company's bank account information online and authorize others to pay online.  The ABO's rights and responsibilities are described in the terms and condiitions.  Designate your Company's ABO below by providing the requested information.


Please note that the ABO Email Address must correspond to the ABO First Name and Last Name provided.  If the ABO Names and Email Address do not match, your enrollment request will not be accepted.



Your ABO can authorize individuals, including himself/herself, to make online payments on the Company's behalf.  You can choose not to authorize the ABO to pay online in order to maintain segregation of duties between the individual authorizing payment (ABO) and the individual paying online (Authorized Payer).  Do you want to give the ABO the ability to make online payments at this time?



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